Saving Red the Dog from a Mine Shaft

On Saturday 10th November 2018 my husband Paul was scrolling through facebook when a post popped up asking if anyone had a 6mtr ladder to rescue a dog that had fallen down an abandoned mine shaft in Berry Springs Northern Territory. As we lived close by Paul replied that we will come and help with our 6mtr ladder, when we arrived I couldn't believe it, looking down this mine shaft and seeing a beautiful red heeler just looking up at us named 'Red". What I couldn't believe even more was that he didn't seem hurt.

Red lived with his Hooman mum and dad Kari-Melise and Ben on a property at Berry Springs, they had only been renting there for a few months and had no idea there was an old mine shaft just 100m from the house until Red went missing about 9am on that Saturday, it took them about an hour of searching before they stumbled across the mine shaft and found Red in there. That was when they sent out a post on facebook to help. They received an amazing response on social media with people as far as Adelaide River 70km south to the Darwin City 50km north wanting to help.

NT Emergency Services arrived with six highly trained volunteers and the assistance of two NT Fire and Rescue Services members who provided confined space testing equipment. This ensured the NTES members safety before the rescuer was lowered to the bottom of the well.

Red was fitting with a MOONDIDLEY PETS HARNESS, (borrowed from our team member Elle-May with her name across the front), this assisted in the rescue to have Red securely strapped the the volunteer while being lifted out of the mine shaft. About 3pm Red was rescued, happy to see his Hoomans, but acting like nothing had happened, except just needing a very relieving long pee.

The community support is amazing in this part of the country and we are so glad to be living here.



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