Dog Treats

About Max's 100% Natural Dog Treats & Healthy Choices

We promote raw feeding to your dog as essentially they are the same as wolves. They require meat in their diet. Forget the fillers, preservatives and additives our best mate just doesn’t need them. Our products are not high in carbohydrates as these turn into sugar, starch turns into sugar which the body just doesn’t need. We believe sugar contributes to a lot of diseases.

We provide 100% all natural products with no hidden extras. No preservatives, additives, salt, sugar, colours  or flour are utilized in the making of our treats. We care for your best friend like we do our own. 100% of our product is Australian sourced apart from the Green Lipped Mussel which is sourced from New Zealand .

We buy the best quality ingredients and do not skimp in this area so you know what you are buying is the finest.

We operate in small batches so the quality is always of a high standard.

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