About Us

Moondidley Pets Team.

Elle-May and Milli are the reason why we have this website. Elle-May was a rescued pup from a litter of 10 that were dumped in a shopping trolley at Humpty Doo NT. Milli then came along to fill the family, Mum Teena and Dad Paul wanted our dogs to be safe and if they were ever lost we would hope they would be returned quickly, but ID tags were continuously lost and damaged so we decided to sell our DOGGIE ID COLLARS, we found these collars to be more comfortable and practical for the girls.

Our love for pets has inspired us to start selling other pet products online, it can be tiring and time consuming going from one pet store to another to find what you want when you can find it all online and delivered to your doorstep. Elle-May and Milli are always very busy testing our products to ensure they are top quality for their doggie friends out there and inspiring us to find new products for them.

Our Chickens are always happy to help test our poultry products and we are looking forward to finding new small animal products to add to our range.

We are Australian owned and operated, based in Darwin Northern Territory, most of our distribution centres are based in Melbourne Victoria. Our Doggie ID Collar range are distributed from Darwin.