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Established 2014

Our leads and collars are hand made from the highest quality products we are able to source. The webbing is made by Australia’s largest rope manufacturer who compete worldwide with their quality. The clips and hardware are sourced from Europe and we only use solid brass or solid stainless steel. By using only the best products we guarantee that you are making a good investment. Soft on your hands and ready for walks and training with your best mate.

All leads and collars can be machine washed. There is NO stitching in the webbing which makes the product super strong and long lasting. Collars are limited slip, fully adjustable and come in a variety of sizes and colours. Leads are made in a variety of lengths and can be made to order.

Yarnix commenced making leads and collars in 2014 primarily for our own dogs as we could not find any product on the market that would last in the salt water or humidity of Darwin. Trial and error in the harshest Northern Territory conditions has been conducted for you. As a registered breeder and Nationally competitive show dog family we needed a product that would be strong and last the test of time and not break under the pressure from our Black and Tan fur kids.

Purchasing one of these items will be supporting local industry.



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Medium (Light chain only) 10mm (width) made at 40cm

  • Adjustable length 34 – 45cm
  • Slip length is 6cm

Large (Light only) 20mm (width) made at 50cm

  • Adjustable length 44 – 56cm
  • Slip length is 6cm

X Large (Light and Heavy chain) 20mm (width) made at 60cm

  • Adjustable length 55 – 70cm
  • Slip length is 10cm

XX Large (Heavy chain only) 20mm (width) made at 70cm

  • Adjustable length 64 – 80cm

Slip length is 10cm

Martingale Collar, Sizing when purchasing or ordering

  • Martingale Collars are made at full slip length e. (50cm Large), this is to slide over dogs; head and are comfortable and soft for your dog when not on lead;
  • Martingales may have a longer slip length than Yarnix Limited Slip Collars;
  • Adjustment to the Collar is buy the sliding the webbing through the Double Loop (most people can do by hand, and no special tools required);
  • The ‘slip length’ is the maximum length collar will tighten from full size, when dog pulls on lead or handler needs to tighten the collar to effect control or train the dog;
  • Most important, a correct fitting Martingale Collar will not choke but allow control and training of your dog.


Martingale Dog Collars, Fixed Length

Fixed Length Martingale Collars are, Made to Order. 

Ideal for adult dogs and showing.

To order, measure the circumference of your dog’s neck.  The collar will be to this closed size.

This will allow the slip of the Martingale to comfortably slide over the head of your dog and tighten only to the neck size of the dog.

Product info and Care:

 Both 10 and 20mm collar and lead webbing is Australian made from 100% polypropylene;

 It is soft on your hands and your dogs, hard wearing, UV stabilised and machine washable;

 ·         The is 10mm is woven from 24 strands of polypropylene,

 ·         The is 20mm is woven from 28 strands polypropylene,

 ·         Where the webbing threads are pulled or bitten by your best friend, carefully snip off the pulled threads.  Generally this will not affect the overall strength of collar or lead and you will see the remaining pulled sections of the collar or lead merge back into the webbing with use,

 ·         Collars can stretch with use, checking and adjustments for correct fitting and comfort on your best friends are advised,

 ·         Collar O & D rings and Double loops are Solid Brass (so will tarnish over time if not in constant use),

 ·         Lead snap hooks are Solid Brass or solid 304 Stainless Steel (snaps hooks should be rinsed after use in salt water, to ensure long snap hook spring life),

 ·         We do not use zinc or steel O or D rings, or snap hooks that are chrome or nickel plated.

  Special Orders:

 ·         Collars made to order, X smaller or XX large.  Lead can be made to order in any size.   Just request a quote.

  This item will be shipped from Darwin NT.

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