Gut Balance Probiotic - NAS

Gut Balance Probiotic - NAS

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Boost your pet’s overall health with NAS Gut Balance ProBiotic, a powerful solution designed to enhance your pet’s gut health and support their immune system. A resilient gut leads to a robust microbiome, capable of defending against infections and diseases. Did you know that 70% of the immune system is rooted in the gut? When the immune system is weak, it can lead to issues like skin infections, digestive troubles, dental problems, and joint inflammation.

Optimal blend of 5 ProBiotic strains to bolster the gut’s microbiome, aiding nutrient absorption and combatting disease-causing pathogens. ProBiotic strains include LRhamnosus, L Paracasei, L Plantarum, B Lactis, B Longum. Supports healthy skin, joints, digestion, and dental health. B Longum even aids in reducing anxiety.
Contains a high 20 Billion CFU per 5gm serving with significant overage.
Manufactured in a controlled environment to maintain efficacy.
Astragalus and Chicory Root offer essential Prebiotic nourishment for your pet’s beneficial bacteria.
Immune support with Astragalus Polysaccharides, promoting your beloved pet’s overall well-being.
Three flavour options – natural, kangaroo, and New Zealand green lipped mussel, catering to even the fussiest eaters.
Highly concentrated CFU count means a little goes a long way, providing 2 to 3 months’ supply in one container.
Perfect for cats and dogs of all ages (not recommended for pregnant or lactating animals).
Offers exceptional value due to concentrated dosages and extended shelf life through careful manufacturing.

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