Fur King - Dog Drying Jacket
Fur King - Dog Drying Jacket
Fur King - Dog Drying Jacket
Fur King - Dog Drying Jacket

Fur King - Dog Drying Jacket

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Fur King Dog Drying Jacket - Small, Medium, Large or Extra Large

If ever there was an excuse to dress up your dog in a cute outfit, it’s bath time. Now you can those adorable ears from getting cold – while turning your dog into the tastiest burrito you’ve ever seen – with this super gentle microfibre towel. Available in both brown and blue, with a range of sizes, no dog is left out of the fun. Simple to use, you can quickly stop your pet from getting a chill as the ultra-absorbent material perfect for rapid drying. Because it’s not just a towel but a secure robe, they’ll be warm, content, and ready to cuddle up beside you.

If your pooch loves jumping into puddles or deeper water, having this towel in the car ensures that a fun trip to the park doesn’t end with a case of the sniffles. Quick and easy to use, the towel will dry your dog in no time, plus they can either wear their robe with pride of the journey home, or you can use it to protect your car seats!

With a cute pawprint design, this dog towel is also practical. It has an easy-to-use Velcro design feature that makes putting it on a breeze as well as an adjustable waist leash which is perfect for keeping smaller dogs and puppies snuggly and secure.

Warm and comforting, this robe can take away any anxiety that may come from bath time. It will not only dry your dog; it will help them to feel safe and secure when they are wrapped up in the warm fabric. If your dog doesn’t like having anything covering their head, then you can also wrap the robe around them but leave the hood down,

Once your pup is all dry, simply pull the robe off them and throw it in the laundry. It can be both machine washed and dried and withstands any amount of dirt and grime if you’re using it to wipe muddy paws.

It will keep your dog Fur King dry.


Small, Medium, Large or Extra Large

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