Flea Repellent, Neem Pet Soap - Flea Away - Hampl

Flea Repellent, Neem Pet Soap - Flea Away - Hampl

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  • Help to rid fleas jumping off and on pet's body.
  • Great natural insect repellent. Use with Flea Comb.
  • Safe and natural soap, gentle no irritants.
  • Sooth skin irritations and disorders.



Tick and Flea "Chemical Free" and Effective Alternative 
Topically cleaning your pet with Neem Soap. 
Apply the soap on wet fur, making sure water temp is lukewarm (not hot).  Lather up and then warm rise off.

Did you know that “Fleas” do not “live” or “breed” on your pet. Once the flea is in a hospitable breeding environment, the fleas will jump off and on your pet. With some pets, when a flea bites them, they get an allergy reaction in that area, hence the biting and scratching on the skin irritation. There are two types of flea’s sand fleas and canine fleas. The idea is to stop them from breeding and jumping on and off your pet. They will breed in the sandy areas of the garden or park. Once brought inside when they jump off your pet & also start to breed in the carpets. Why poison your pet’s body (blood) with toxic insecticide chemicals, when it is the environment we need to control and stop the flea egg cycle.

Ingredients:  100 % Pure Neem oil soap - 100g

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