Lickimat Oh Bowl -Oral Hygiene

Lickimat Oh Bowl -Oral Hygiene

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Lickimat's journey started with the OH Bowl?. they were working with two vets trying to design a product to improve the Oral Hygiene (hence OH) of our dog. The portion of vet costs associated with dental work had been increasing for lots of reasons and was a serious health issue that needed to be addressed. They worked on two principles: stimulating the tongue to produce more saliva that in turn leads to healthier teeth and gums; and scraping the tongue to reduce odour-causing bacteria. The solution is the similar humans when your dentist tells you to scrape your tongue using the back of your toothbrush or with a tongue scraper, but you forget to do so most of the time. No forgetting with OH Bowl? as the tongue is naturally scraped at the end of every meal.

Oh Bowl, is dishwasher safe.


Suitable for small dogs up to 1 cups/250ml serve of dry or wet food
Diameter 16cm

Suitable for small to medium dogs up to 2 cups/ 1/2 litre serve of dry or wet food
Diameter 18cm

Suitable for medium to large dogs up to 4 cups/ 1 litre serve of dry or wet food
Diameter 23cm


Colour: Green and Grey.

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