Cat Tree Outdoor Sky Walks
Cat Tree Outdoor Sky Walks
Cat Tree Outdoor Sky Walks
Cat Tree Outdoor Sky Walks

Cat Tree Outdoor Sky Walks

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Introducing the latest product in our OUTDOOR cat furniture range, the SKYWALKS OUTDOOR CAT TREE.


Designed as a 2 in 1 solution for both Shelter AND Fun.

It is PERFECT for:

  • Balconies and Verandahs
  • Cat Enclosures, both portable AND permanent
  • Timber Deck, Tiled, concrete or Grass outdoor areas
  • Cat Owners simply looking for an easy to clean, sturdy & modern INDOOR Cat Tree Tower
  • Use as an Outdoor Cat Tree or Cat Tower for your Catio

Following a survey of over 10,000 of our previous customers, the most in demand product design was a Cat Tree that could stand up to the harsh Australian elements. Although similar looking indoor products have existed for years, The Skywalks Outdoor Cat Tree was designed and manufactured with the intention of being used outdoors.

So although it may look familiar, the difference is in the detail. Here are the Top 4 Design Features of the Skywalks Outdoor Cat Tree as requested by Cat Owners around Australia:


    • The Housing, Post and Platforms are all Outdoor-Grade POWDER COATED STEEL construction
    • The platforms are covered with MARINE GRADE CARPET, designed to be left out in the elements 24/7
    • There is no cardboard, indoor carpet or timber to maintain or deteriorate
    • Rubber feet to elevate the unit off the ground
    • Cross Ventilation holes to ensure comfort on warm days
    • Water Drainage hole inside the housing
    • Can be hosed down to clean
    • Solid Construction won’t tip over in the wind (13kg)


    • Very spacious access hole and the large interior can fit cats of all sizes
    • Perfect for shelter from the elements should the weather change quickly
    • Cross Ventilation holes to ensure comfort on warm days


    • Cats just love to perch up high and watch their surrounds from high vantage points. The generous height of the product allows a fantastic viewing platform for your cat. The only issue if you have multiple cats is who gets the top spot
    • The adjustable platforms can be ROTATED to integrate into your existing space. They are generous in their size and can be scaled safely and easily.
    • A fantastic form of EXERCISE for your cats as they scale up and down the tree.
    • Fun and stimulating outdoor time


    • Easy to assemble and disassemble. Comes in just 5 pieces and requires NO SPECIAL TOOLS for assembly.
    • Modern Design with an attractive Marine Carpet on the platforms. The stylish Skywalks logo entry ensures there’s no questioning that this is your cat’s domain.
    • There are multiple small holes positioned on the platforms so you can hang your cat’s favourite toys.
    • Works perfectly as the outdoor centrepiece to which you can add more SKYWALKS outdoor cat products.
    • Portable yet STURDY. It does not need to be drilled or anchored down, and it can be disassembled and taken with you should you move.



    Overall Maximum Height: 82cm
    House Dimensions: 42cm H x 42cm W x 42cm D
    Top Platform Dimensions: 37cm W x 25cm L
    Weight: 13kg


    Note: Blanket and other accessories (Bowls, hanging toys) seen in product images are not included.

    This item will be shipped from Sydney

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