Aussie Day Dog Treat Snuffle Mat
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Aussie Day Dog Treat Snuffle Mat

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Our Snuffles Mats are made to maximise the enrichment in your dog's life.  We switch on your dog's brain, smell and sniffing instincts to bust boredom, settle anxiety and slow fast eaters down. Simply add your dog's favourite treats.
We use a heavy-duty rubber base for those extra interactive pups who like to explore a little too much. With soft washable material fleece, you might even catch your pup having a rest on the mat, after a big day of snuffling. 

The mat is ideal for wet rainy days, senior dogs with arthritic pain, long quite rest periods after major surgery (eg: Cruciate Ligament tear) and can even settle anxiety. Snuffle Mats are particularly exciting adventure for young puppies, almost promising a long sleep afterwards. 

Small - 31cm x 31cm 
Medium - 40cm x 30cm
Large - 60cm x 40cm
Also available in other colours here
We recommend the removal and safely storing of the mat after use to avoid choking and unwanted destruction. 
This item will be shipped from Wollongong NSW or Darwin NT

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