6 Pack Replacement Balls For Paws Ball launcher

6 Pack Replacement Balls For Paws Ball launcher

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6 Pack Replacement Balls For Interactive Hyper Fetch Mini All For Paws Ball Play

Whether you are looking for replacement balls for your All-for-paws Automatic Ball Launcher Mini, or for high bounce tennis balls to play fetch with your beloved pooch - this 6 ball pack is what you need! These are genuine All-for-paws balls, offering higher rebound and superior durability than other after-market products.

With a diameter of 5cm (2inch), these are perfect for small to medium sized dogs.

Your pet is sure to love this!


  • Fully compatible  - With All-for-paws Automatic Ball Launcher Mini (AFP-3196)
  • High quality product - Made from High density rubber material for long term use
  • Keeps your pet healthy  - Stimulates your pets mind by challenging them to learn something new and physically active
  • For small to medium dogs  - The 5cm ball size is perfect for small to medium sized dogs
  • Highly visible - Its brightly coloured to make it easy for pets to identify
  • High Quality balls  - Provide excellent rebound and durable use
  • Portable & travel friendly  - Small 2" diameter makes it easy to carry in your pocket or bag
  • Smooth surface  - No sharp edges for safety
  • High bounce ball  - Made with high density rubber material for excellent bouncing action
  • Double the fun  - Great with All-for-paws Automatic Ball Launcher Mini or just throw it to play fetch
  • Safe for our pets - Constructed with premium rubber with your pet’s safety in mind
  • Indoor and outdoor fun  - Pair with a launcher to extend playtime and give your pup the exercise they crave
  • Tough and durable  - Built to last no matter how much slobber or dirt your dog puts it through
  • Encourages play - Show the ball to get their attention and let them play fetch
  • Perfect fetching and training - A 6 balls is perfect for fetching and training since lost balls are inevitable!
  • Non toxic - Don't contain harmful coatings or gasses, so you can feel confident about having play time with your furry canine friend
  • Genuine All-for-Paws product  - Beware of non-standard and cheap imitations. Only buy original All-for-Paws products to ensure the health and safety of your pets.


  • 6 balls per pack

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