Bird Leashes to Suit Flightsuits by Avian Fashions

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These leashes can only be used with Flightsuits



Leashette: The Leashette is lightweight and designed for smaller birds such as Parakeets, Budgies, Lovebirds and smaller Green-cheeked Conures. Fits size Petite, X-Small and X-Small Plus FlightSuits.

Lanyard: The Lanyard is designed for medium-sized birds and fits FlightSuits from Jr. Small to Large. The 18" length is ideal to slip on your wrist or over your head.

Anchorline: The Anchorline is stronger and heavier than the Lanyard (4 feet long), ideal for larger birds. Fits size Wide to Colossal. 

Velco is to attach to the back of the Flightsuit.

Colour: Black

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