Herbal Insecticide Repellent Flea, Tick & Mosquito - Hampl

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Tick and Flea "Chemical Free" and Effective Alternative for ALL species and ages.


 This herb works wonderfully as a preventative to fleas and flea and tick bites. It's natural and safe for all species and ages, safe if licked off or ingested as it's a medicinal herb for internal use as well. However for this situation we are applying topically to body, using a misting spray bottle. Spray chook pens, and birds and nesting, horse, cows and all domestic animals and pets.

Use 2-3 teaspoons to every half cup of boiled hot water. Stir, cover, allow to cool. Then strain the mixture. The herbal liquid is ready to use. Put in a. mist spray bottle and spray over body front and back (no need to do face or ears). Spray anywhere you wish to keep inscects away from or protect your pet or animals. Make a strong brew, as a wash, will kill lice as well. Keep bottle in fridge and continue to use once or twice a day depending on time of season as if a lot of mosquito's or flea or tick season.

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